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and UV Weathering Testing needs.

We have mastered the skills of watching paint dry, plastics fade and metals rust, so you don’t have to.

It can get pretty corrosive out there!

Wherever you might be in New Zealand, you will quite unlikely be that far away from the coast to not need to worry about atmospheric corrosion. An unpleasant side effect of ozone layer depletion also means that in New Zealand materials may UV fade and brittle faster than they might do anywhere else.

Product development, purchasing decision or materials specification: In the end of the day this aspect of your product’s performance cannot be ignored.

If you need to know you need to know, and anything else is simply guessing.

With our ‘no frills’ approach towards testing without compromising technical standards we will find a meaningful and cost effective way to assist you in your decision-making or development process.

Salt Spray Tests, Cyclic Corrosion Tests, Immersion, Condensation, High Humidity, UV, Polarisation, Pitting  Resistance, Galvanic Corrosion, … say no more - We are here to help!